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One Touch Spring Garden (1) 3.0L


Hands on goodness in a touch.

Delight yourself in ultimate freshness anytime! Ideal for preserving your favorite break time staple, this airtight canister set is a great addition to your pantry and makes a perfect gift for holiday season!

  • To open, just press down the center & lift the lid. To close, press down the center. The seal extends over the edge of the canister to allow you to easy hold & peel off.
  • Canisters fit snugly inside one another to save space.
  • Toppers can be stacked neatly on top of canisters of the same diameter to minimize storage space.
  • The virtually liquid-tight seal ensures contents remain where there are.

Package include:

  1. One Touch Spring Garden (1) 3.0L

Lifetime Warranty

Availability: 5 in stock


Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 23 cm

1 set of 1


Brand New


Tupperware International Warranty


Plastic BPA Free


Printed (as shown on the product image)
*the color may differ slightly from the photographs shown.


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